In June 2009, antisocialmunky (ASM) took over management of what would become the first major EB monthly tournament. He made a new thread at the Org (totalwar.org) forums after the original tournament organizer, Phalanx300, became inactive. Tolg had provided instructions for getting connected on Hamachi. This tournament became the prototype for all subsequent EBOTs (EB Online Tournaments), which lasted a month each. Unlike elimination tournaments such as in many professional sports, these tournaments used a scoring system (win +1, loss -1). The groundwork for the ruleset was laid down as well since the community of players had decided on the army budget, composition rules, fair play rules, victory conditions, draw rules, and faction specific rules. One thing present then that was discarded in later years was the distinction between steppe and non-steppe armies. There were also special rules distinguishing elite units and heavy cavalry from all other units. This is now replaced with unit duplication limits. Factional unit lists, derived from the EB site, were compiled and provided by ASM, with Hayasdan edited by me, and Pontos by Tsidneku. The multiplayer EDU, which determines stats balancing, had a few bugs but was essentially unchanged when ASM updated it to EBO MP EDU 1.1. The 2.x and 3.x iterations, substantial updates to the stats balancing of the game, were made by gamegeek2, with some hotfixes being provided by community members along the way. The website itself, which I began as a centralization point for EB Online, has changed domains twice, as shown below.

Domain Name Evolution

ebonline.tk > ebportal.tk > ebmultiplayer.com